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Model: P2000

Completing the Hurricane™ portfolio is our feature-rich Hurricane P2000. This compact version boasts fast, low-fatigue, and high productivity for virtually any application. Our patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System™ and undercut is manually adjustable on both the left and right for directing the twin air columns at the best angle for the most efficient cleaning. A convenient foot pedal allows the operator to quickly transition air output from the left to the right side when turning. The unit easily fits thru a 36” gate and makes quick work of any mid-sized clean up challenge on turf or hard surface.

The brand-new Hurricane™ Series stand-on blowers take clean up productivity to a whole new level. Both zero turn blowers provide great maneuverability, seamless operating controls and excellent comfort. Together with the rapid mount/dismount and robust blowing power with changeable airflow, these machines offer you the flexibility to complete your job faster and easier. the end result is fatigue-free operation and improved productivity for busy operators. 


Model: X3000


Model: Z3000

Ideal for large size maintenance contractors, landscapers, seal coaters, schools, parks departments, cemeteries, resorts, street departments, golf courses and estate properties, the Hurricane Z3000** doubles down on productivity with world class commercial cleanup power. The Hurricane Z3000’s seamless operating controls, tri-directional blowing options, robust blowing power and zero-turn maneuverability bring fatigue-free operation to busy operators with large leaf and debris clean-up projects. And with 8500 CFM coupled with a blower housing design that draws air from both sides for increased air velocity, pushing leaves and debris farther for a faster finish takes the chore out of the clean-up chore.

Please call 716-824-1555 for pricing and availability.


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